Nate Kennedy

I’m Nate Kennedy. I’m a husband and a father of two. That’s my wife Susan and my two little ones. I’ll tell you about them later – but they are my world and why I do what I do.

Aside from family, my other passion is helping entrepreneurs. I guess it’s because I grew up in an entrepreneurial family.

It was my dad who raised me after my parents divorced.  I was only 1 at the time. But growing up with my dad made a huge impact on me. That’s him in the picture. He was always starting businesses. Some worked, some didn’t but he was a self made man. And he did everything to provide for me. I admired that. And followed his footsteps.
In fact, my first business was cutting grass around the neighborhood during the warm months, and shoveling snow during the winter.

Hey, someone had to do it right? And it was my profitable venture.

I was an athlete growing up – in high school I played All State Lacrosse, a top 25 ranked Football team, and placed 6thin Nationals for powerlifting in my class. That drive stuck with me through the years. Also the importance of teamwork and supporting others to help reach our goals together.

College was a bit different. I almost flunked out my freshman year. Then almost got kicked out for making some poor choices. I’ll always remember my dad asking me if I was going to major in Basket Weaving because of the direction I was going. Fortunately I turned it around and ended up with a Business Administration Degree in Finance.

I learned that I could get things done when I focused. And that served me well. After college I held a few jobs looking for my passion. A scuba diver, a bartender, even managed a surf shop.

Finally, I realized I needed a real job and ended up in Charlotte, NC in the mortgage industry. And this is where my investing and funding career began.

I almost wasn’t hired, but a friend stuck his neck out for me. Good thing too – because I had to make him look good. In 6 months I blew through all company records. But it came at a price. 12 hour + days running at break neck speeds. (That’s the competitive side in me.) I finally hit a wall where I couldn’t go any more. I was burnt out and escaped to Costa Rica. There I decided I wanted more from life then sitting in my office working like a dog. And knew the only way to achieve the lifestyle I want is to work for myself. I found my first mentor (I’ve had several since.) With his help I flipped my first house. It was a small deal, but gave me the taste of freedom.

I borrowed the money and bought the house for $375,000 – using none of my own money or credit. Sold it for $525,000. My lender took 25% interest. But it still wasn’t a bad deal for me. I took the money I made from that first deal and funded my real estate business and my own mortgage company This company grew to 25 employees. We worked in real estate, construction.  This business became a job – but I was working twice as hard for little in return. And all that was before the market came crashing down. I lost it all, the entire company, every penny I had made, and my freedom.

It was back to the drawing board. Yes it was hard, but it was either get back on the horse, or live in a box somewhere because I had lost everything. I started wholesaling properties. This let me make money fast without using my own money or credit.

And this experienced helped me realize what I’m really searching for is lifestyle – not money and definitely not working myself to death without enjoying the fruits of my labor.  I don’t miss the long days. I’m also around so I’m not missing the little moments in life.


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