Sep 27-28, 2016
Cleveland, OH
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It can be very easy for one to get so caught up in day to day responsibilities, that they have no real time or are too scared to devote time to developing a business strategy and executing that strategy in a sound manner. Yet, success in your business and your life in general rests on good strategy and, more importantly, great execution. That’s where the Strategy and Execution Summit comes in. This event will allow you to network and learn from some of the most influential marketers and entrepreneurs who are using effective strategies, executing them, and having remarkable success. Unlike other events, you will leave with the tools you need to take a sound strategy back to your team and implement it to see real1 results.

What we want for you:

We want you to have a business that flourishes. One that can work through their strategy and execute it with purpose and efficiency. In other words, we don’t want you to be afraid to pull the trigger, but we also don’t want you to be frivolous with how you make decisions for your business. This event can help you find that happy medium.

Who you will see:

Over the course of two days, you will hear from a variety of presenters covering topics such as strategy, integration, measurement, execution and much more.

What to expect:

You can expect a great variety of sponsors, brands, marketers, keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, an option to attend a Cleveland Browns game and a VIP workshop.



Hey it’s Vinnie here and if you attended the 2015 Strategy and Execution Summit you know what an incredible event it was…and if you didn’t, well let’s just say today is your lucky day…

Either Way, I have BIG NEWS for you…

But first I want to share with you just a small taste of what those who were there had to say…
  • Dennis Crosby‪
    “It was an awesome event! I’ve been implementing what I learned and I can already tell the business is better off for it! Thanks Vinnie!”
  • Greg Herlean
    “Great people that truly give. Only Vinnie could get this many people to Cleveland at the same time:) Great time!”
  • Dustin Purtan
    “It was amazing being around so many millionaire masterminds and meeting them as well within the past two days at the @SAESummit in Cleveland. Just being around people like that elevates you as an entrepreneur and also humbles you as well. Once again thank you to Vinnie for helping me attend the event and thank you for the moments of mentorship that have really inspired me and increased my overall success in such a short amount of time.”

Now For The Really Good News…

Because I am fully invested in your success, for a limited time when you register for the 2016 Strategy and Execution Summit I’m going to throw in the entire 2015 Event Videos For absolutely FREE!

My team thinks I’m crazy, but frankly I really want you to have these and I couldn’t think of a better way to make it happen.

So Here You Go …

When you register for the 2016 Strategy & Conversion Summit not only will you secure your spot for what has been called the “Best Business Building Event Ever” but you’ll also receive the entire 2015 event on video. And once you register you’ll get immediate access to the event recording.

Now in case you need a refresher or want to know just what you missed, here are just a few of the topics we covered at our 2015 event…

  • The CEO Mindset…How to shift your thinking to that of a successful CEO and achieving more then you ever thought possible.
  • Simple Techniques to Collapsing Time & Accomplishing More…Time management strategies from a Multimillionaire designed to help you get more done in less time.
  • The Six Laws of Implementation…How to take your ideas and turn them into reality.
  • Funding The Growth of Your Business…How to get financing, leverage cash flow and master your numbers to explode your growth.

At that is just a sample of what went down…


If you missed last year’s event then you missed out on the latest business building strategies…

Don’t fall behind…

Look at what one attendee had to say about the life changing information shared at the 2015 Summit…

“…I feel FREE now to grow my business and really focus on the numbers, the staff, and making it what I always wanted. I read the Emyth 10 years ago and have wanted this ever since. Your help on how to really run a business as a CEO and on growing the team, Brad’s help on how to implement and communicate with my team, Kent’s talk on making the most of what we have with our time and not settling, and then Ryan’s talk on changing my “normal” were the key factors. Also, Tony’s talk really put some things in perspective for me.

It was a perfect storm of exactly what I needed to hear to take the next step in my life. I literally have been very emotional the last few days in excitement for the future, regret of not doing it earlier, and just the gratitude that I have that I was able to be there at the right time. I was ready for the message and the teachers appeared!”

~Dr. Scot Gray

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I promise that if you watch the videos and implement what you learn you’ll easily pay for the event, your travel and accommodations not to mention the growth you’ll experience in your business…

All before you even step foot in the SUMMIT.

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