Strategy & Execution Summit

Attend the best strategy and execution event of the year!

WHEN Sep 27-28, 2016
WHERE Cleveland, OH

What People Are Saying About Us...
"If I can do 10 percent of the things that I learned at the summit, our business will double in size - easy."
- Dennis Crosby
"There's something about bringing all the businesses together at the summit to hear a best practice - we don't account for everything out there."
- Jerry Statham
"It's true business: implementable and executable stuff that you can do in your business. There is a very clear message."
- Nate Kennedy
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Strategy & Execution Summit

It can be very easy for one to get so caught up in day to day responsibilities, that they have no real time or are too scared to devote time to developing a business strategy and executing that strategy in a sound manner. Yet, success in your business and your life in general rests on good strategy and, more importantly, great execution. That's where the Strategy and Execution Summit comes in. This event will allow you to network and learn from some of the most influential marketers and entrepreneurs who are using effective strategies, executing them, and having remarkable success. Unlike other events, you will leave with the tools you need to take a sound strategy back to your team and implement it to see real results.

What we want for you:

We want you to have a business that flourishes. One that can work through their strategy and execute it with purpose and efficiency. In other words, we don't want you to be afraid to pull the trigger, but we also don't want you to be frivolous with how you make decisions for your business. This event can help you find that happy medium.

Who you will see:

Over the course of two days, you will hear from a variety of presenters covering topics such as strategy, integration, measurement, execution and much more.

What to expect:

You can expect a great variety of sponsors, brands, marketers, keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, an option to attend a Cleveland Browns game and a VIP workshop.

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